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Lavishing Legacy with Literature : Sami Yusuf attends Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

The three disciplines – Music, History and Literature – assembled in beautiful proportion deep in the chamber of their hearts. They took home the melodious words of this Nasheed artist, ‘reading is the coolest thing to do’

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Indian splendor in Arabian Museum

The national symbols of India are largely contributions of Muslim rule

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Babar’s Last Words

Do not demolish or damange places of worship of any faith and dispense full justice to all to ensure peace in the country. Islam can better be preached by the sword of love and affection, rather than the sword of tyranny and persecution

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Back to Culture : Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

After the talk, Shaima Saleh, 19, an Emirati foundation-year student, said she was “ashamed” that she knew so little about Arab history. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf at Zayed University [The National]

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Tipu Sultan : Dream of India and nightmare of British invaders

Tipu’s army consisted of many communities and the Muslims of Malabar were active in his Kerala section of the kingdom. It is highly possible that the fearless Tipu may have met the versatile Umar Qazi, although history does not offer any solid evidence for this.

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