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Remembering Kerala’s Spiritual Democrat

Mujeeb Jaihoon’s eulogy for late Shaykh Mohiyuddin Musliyar Athipatta (1936-2018), the under-explored goldmine of modern Muslim Kerala.

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Neglecting One’s Past is the Betrayal of Identity

In a revisionist conversation with Mujeeb Jaihoon, KKN Kurup laments Kerala’s neglect of Thuhfathul Mujahideen, the manifesto of anti-colonial struggle.

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Imam Gazzali Academy: An intellectual furnace amidst the lush mountains

From the outset, the Academy is no more than any other Muslim seminary in Kerala. But looks can be deceptive— Mujeeb Jaihoon on his experience at IGA.

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Urdu-some mantras of the Hindu-some Priest

So, how would it sound when Sanskrit, the traditional language of devotional Hinduism (not to be mistaken for militant Hindutva), and Urdu, the enemy-branded lingua franca, merges in one person with equal devotion and admiration for both? It would sound as beautiful as the Urdu-some mantras of a Hindu-some Priest.

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Dubai KMCC Iftar: The Humongous Celebration of Humanity

The enthusiasm of its 148-strong volunteers in this philanthropic adventure knows no bounds

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