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A New Gospel of Economics

When the ‘Monetary Reformer from UK’ was invited to speak about the ‘Economic Aspect of Interest’ not everyone in the college, including the writer, anticipated such a tremendous response from the student audience. His speech, although coined in state-of-the-art economics jargon, enlightened many in the audience even those from a non-BBA discipline. It had the flavor of a ‘definitive economist’ preaching the gospel of Economics with a reformative endeavor. All through the speech, he tried to clear the widely believed notion that ‘Bank without interest is no bank at all’.

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‘I wish I was alive then…’

If you ask Jaihoon in one sentence about the feeling that one gets after watching the movie, then he’d rather quote the words of a character who says at the end of the movie, ‘I wish I was alive during the lifetime of Prophet’s companions’ to feel, to experience, to see and hear, to inhale the fragrance of Beloved of Lord. Review of Muhammad: The Last Prophet

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