Let Go the Captive’d Tears

As it loses touch with the real Possessor / Fall, if you can, into the arms of a lover / And break free the flood of innocent tears / Captived for long in the eye-reservoir


Like Never Before

Nightingale’s song today is melodious like never before
Rose’s cheeks today blushes like never before

Jaihoon at Madina

Once again

Once again my eyes are soaked
In the zamzam of longing
Once again I have a purpose
To live and die for an excuse

Crowded by Solitude

Tomorrow Morn

Tomorrow morn will be a new morn, Tomorrow morn we will bid farewell to solitude together.


Where to but YOU

Where to but the King
Will the beggars run
Where to but the Mighty
Will the weak rely


Wounds Scream in Dream

Scream in silence sounds louder
Vision of the blind is sharper
Pain seen in dream is even more
Wound upon wound here get sore… On our mind’s excesses in the semi-conscious world

Jaihoon at Madina

Mi’raj : The Love-Matter

Rasoolullah, despite experiencing the glorious wonders and unknown worlds, returned back to earth because of his love and mercy for his Ummah so that he could lead them to Jannah


Life is now Un-just like that

Truth lost it’s friends
Peace become unknown
Art’s become an intel*’ fart
Life’s fest today, o Jaihoon-
Un-just like that!



A poem written en route from Alexandria, Egypt , after visiting tomb of Imam Busiri


The Scent of Civilization

From the womb of Time came a cry-
It seemed the decree was to be now or never
The cry reached upto the sky and beyond
Stars and meteorites wondered about its fate


Gaza : A Prank of Blood and Bank

Gaza is the shame on our times and thoughts
Blood-thirsty Ma-Gogs has yet to be quenched
Gaza is the work of blood and bank
Of Qabeel and Qarun an evil prank


Not a scar on Beloved’s House

… Even as HE let His House be destroyed
Swore He to have His Beloved’s preserved
Neither Tyrants nor Imposters can dare
To stain His Beloved’s House even by a scar


Curiosity in Love is Forgiven

How could I then ask?
How could I not ask?
To ask or not ask-
Was the question to my self I asked!
As I fell asleep in the bed of doubt
And wrapped I my heart in shame
Loomed then in my dream
The Immortal Love-Saint of Rum…


HIS Abode, My SourceCode

I’m a lifeless rock
HIS Rain causes it to break
And then the Spring of Love flows
The Breeze of Poetry in me blows


Love Loquacious

I’m a tongue on my own
My speech is for all one
When I appear on the lips
Language elsewhere runs


The Merciful Tyrant

I feel safer in the prison of your fear
Scared I’m of freedom of my own desires
Restrain me with your Love
Set me not free to perish… gearing up for the Holy Month


Love: The Key & Plea to GOD

“A Seeker needs no boat or bridge
Time and Space cannot him hedge
Time may get old, but-
A seeker only gets bold
Love is his key
To God his plea”. Khidr the eternal traveler’s advice to a eager seeker.


The Self has no place in Love

The Self has no place in Love
On selfish soil its seed’s forbidden to sow
Every precious thing in life has a price to be paid
Love, the greatest, demands your Self be low-laid


The Eternal Connection

Neither cables nor batteries
Neither light nor aiwaves
Even in my dead sleep
YOU are a call away


The Old Lady Merchant who Purchased Paradise

The pebbles under her feet worth more
Than the pearls on paradise’ shore
With love and wealth for his beloved
The old lady Merchant bought the paradise
A tribute to Lady Khadija (ra), the wife of Holy Prophet, and the first believer in Islam.


For The First Time

Majnun kept his senses aside
When he saw Leila for the first time
The sky began to cry with excitement
When Moon appeared for the first time
Alas! The first time is indeed the testing time
Of Love and Loyalty, only time’s the first time


Justify my Worship

We have continued to worship the Lord from our early days. However, the personal reason for doing so is often not discussed


A Love-Note

Your love, most precious, No other dish, so delicious
This life, too less, My love, to you confess
Since I drank from your river, Healed I am of my solitary fever


A Distant Bosom

Each finds its abode near
Close-by for each other to hear
But O my restless heart
Why beat you in a distant bosom?


LORD’s the Limit of Man

Humanity is in constant search for the ultimate to quench his unending thirst for the Perfect. Each invention of Man has made him feel superior. Landing on the moon or demystifying the secrets of atom were seen with pride. Yet, there are other possibilities far greater than ever imagined.

Beloved, the Inevitable

This world is as good as naught
Had not his Light been naught
He is ultimate brick in the Tower of Life
He is the Gem in the Ocean of Existence


For Her Patient Love

Realized I not your affection
Inflicted upon you the solitary affliction
You kept open your eyes in longing
For my single glimpse you kept staring
Yet, I threw upon you thorns of pain
And you gifted me with roses of love…


Forbidden Promises

To escape from one Rose
I ran into thousand thorns
To keep a single oath
I belied a hundred truths
I swore to not swear at all
Loyalty to her is betrayal of all…


i & YOU

I am the Eye, You are my vision / I am the Cloud, You are my Rain / I am the Candle, You are my Light/ I am the Song, You are my Melody