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Anchor your Ship in my Tears’ River

And then will you plead / Like never before / Beads of Tears n words will you join / Like never before

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Miraj: The Glory is in the Descend, not Ascend

HE summoned the Orphan of Arabia / And placed the cosmos under his feet / Were it any Lover than He, the High / Meem be not let to return from that nigh… Jaihoon’s poem on the Ascension of the Holy Prophet

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Love: A Life so Lifeless

The tale of Love / Is the fail of laugh / A state so restless / A life so lifeless

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Once Sign. Never Resign

In Sign if you ever sign / Life shall never be in vein / In Sign if you ever sign / From success you shall never resign

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The Rhyme & Chime of Rain

Love LOLs / Fantasy flutters / Passion pricks / Dream delights

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Malicious Clips

The danger of seeking knowledge from video clips

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To Beirut’s Pen Seller

Fleeing the clutches of the ferocious ‘Lion’
And the bestiality of the ‘Satanic State’
Angels salute your sagacious self
Saints celebrate your celestial trade

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We the old-fashioned are used/To see your verses of HIM-fused/We are but a folk so few/Yet are your best friends true

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Your love for me is like a prayer

When sad wipes my tear
When alone holds me dear
When beats my heart hear
For, your love for me is like a prayer

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Shy Not to Ask the King who loves to Grant

Alas! Tonight there are no limits / One is bound only as far as what they seek / And I have chosen to ask and ask until /
My head and heart, hands and bag are full

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