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Daylight Rape of Justice: Gandhari’s Prayer for the Meerut Orphans

In Jaihoon’s poetic slam of State-sponsored brutalities, Gandhari, the vedic & virtuous queen of Meerut, decries the sufferings of the orphans in UP, India.

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We are here to Forever Stay

The Indian muslim will not faint and falter at the Numeric Altar of the regime— Jaihoon’s poetic slam of India’s discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Bill

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To the Tyrant Tigress

A poetic appeal to the callous comrade to spare the senses of the lover.

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Journey Ahead. Destination Behind.

Seekers, who dispassionately leave the shrine of the Beloved, abandon their heartbeat behind. Mujeeb Jaihoon’s tribute to those halfhearted pilgrims.

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Dare of the Love-Drunk

Drunkards and drug addicts have no clue about the intoxicating state of Prophetic Love. Mujeeb Jaihoon’s poetic tribute to those blessed lovers.

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