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Soccer has a goal. Life has greater : Jaihoon

Jaihoon addressing the students of Darul Hidaya school in the inaugural session of Xaitoon Foundation, formed with the aim of accelerating change.

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We humans are the calligraphy of GOD: JAIHOON @ LEAD 2020

Summary of Jaihoon’s interactive talk at LEAD 2020, a leadership development training program

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Study required about Expats in Resident Countries too : Jaihoon

The recent Kerala expats are finding it very hard to maintain their financial discipline and this has created many social problems for themselves and their dependents

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Promote Green Reading, says Jaihoon

Sharjah-based poet Mujeeb Jaihoon described the emerging passion for e-books as ‘a gift of God’ to preserve the ever diminishing number of trees on earth

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Don’t Torture The Average Majority For The Tiny Scientific Minority: Jaihoon

Jaihoon requested the intervention of academicians about the need of specialization of knowledge even before the eleventh grade. ‘Subjects should be taught only which are of practical use for the students. Reduce those which they wait to forget as soon as they run out of their examination hall.’

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