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Don’t Torture The Average Majority For The Tiny Scientific Minority: Jaihoon

Jaihoon requested the intervention of academicians about the need of specialization of knowledge even before the eleventh grade. ‘Subjects should be taught only which are of practical use for the students. Reduce those which they wait to forget as soon as they run out of their examination hall.’

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Sayyid Shihab for the Shabab : His life and Message for the Youth

It is not easy to confine a personality such as Panakkad Sayyid Muhammadali Shihab within the four walls of our convenience of time and space. His personality, like that of any other sagacious souls who lived on this earth, was like that of the sun

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Enliven Your Dreams Beyond Death

Dear Friends. You are the candle, your dream the flame. Even after the wax melts away, let the flame burn for ever, insha Allah. .. Jaihoon’s speech at Liwaul Huda Arabic College

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You’re rich only when your neighbors aren’t poor : Jaihoon @ SIGN Zonal Conference

But it is not suffice that our blessings remain arrested within our selfish prisons. Our talents and resources attain new meanings when they are distributed for the betterment of those around us

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Let GOD be proud of you : Jaihoon

Few days back I came across a news headline that an underground river in Brazil was named after a Keralite. You too should take a pledge to make your teachers and parents proud of your achievements. You should work hard with sincerity and dedication such that even God takes pride in your creation.

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