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Look at the mirror, not the window: Self Appraisal for Self Realization

Remember, perfection is future tense. Today has to be better than yesterday. Tomorrow better than today. Next year should be better than this year…

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Ambition and Freedom must for growth

Tonight let me sprinkle a few drops of ambition in your budding hearts. You should not be just at par with your teachers and role models. But go beyond them

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A Believer is always number one : Jaihoon @ Sahityolsav 2010 RSC

A believer should always strive for perfection in his life, said Mujeeb Jaihoon at the Sahityolsav 2010 conducted by Risala Study Center, Sharjah

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Melody vs. Malady: A Technique for Self Analysis (Jaihoon @ Hilltop School)

Let me share a tip with you to elevate your personality from point X to Y, the second point being better than the first by at least a few centimeters.

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Reading is incomplete without creation (Jaihoon’s @ Islamic Center, Edappal)

Listen not just to VJs and Djs, sports commentators, political statements, but also others who can lead you to the name of God

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