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You’re rich only when your neighbors aren’t poor : Jaihoon @ SIGN Zonal Conference

But it is not suffice that our blessings remain arrested within our selfish prisons. Our talents and resources attain new meanings when they are distributed for the betterment of those around us

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Let GOD be proud of you : Jaihoon

Few days back I came across a news headline that an underground river in Brazil was named after a Keralite. You too should take a pledge to make your teachers and parents proud of your achievements. You should work hard with sincerity and dedication such that even God takes pride in your creation.

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Look at the mirror, not the window: Self Appraisal for Self Realization

Remember, perfection is future tense. Today has to be better than yesterday. Tomorrow better than today. Next year should be better than this year…

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Ambition and Freedom must for growth

Tonight let me sprinkle a few drops of ambition in your budding hearts. You should not be just at par with your teachers and role models. But go beyond them

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A Believer is always number one : Jaihoon @ Sahityolsav 2010 RSC

A believer should always strive for perfection in his life, said Mujeeb Jaihoon at the Sahityolsav 2010 conducted by Risala Study Center, Sharjah

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