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Melody vs. Malady: A Technique for Self Analysis (Jaihoon @ Hilltop School)

Let me share a tip with you to elevate your personality from point X to Y, the second point being better than the first by at least a few centimeters.

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Reading is incomplete without creation (Jaihoon’s @ Islamic Center, Edappal)

Listen not just to VJs and Djs, sports commentators, political statements, but also others who can lead you to the name of God

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A problem is a problem only when you THINK it’s a problem

Be optimistic when you face a problem. And remember anything which starts has an end. So your problem also has an end.

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Dream of the Stars if you aim at the Moon (Jaihoon speaking @ Pookoya Thangal Wafy College)

On aspiring for the unreachable to achieve the reachable.

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Only Sunnah can save you from the Tsunamis of Life

While the mosquito only sucks our blood, other forces in the society steal our soul and empty our hearts of any good. The asylum from such tsunamis lies in seeking refuge in the fort of Sunnah

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