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Liberal Muslim are but little aware of their own history : Annemarie Schimmel

“I,a non-Muslim woman,was occupying Religious History chair in Ankara (at a time when there were barely any chair for WOMEN in German universities)”

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Sufi Motherhood

the bond between a mother and a child departs markedly from other types of love, and this is where the Sufi-like aspect comes into play because the believer has an absolute, pure love, which does not want to be self-serving in any way, even though this is almost impossible to achieve

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Sacred Spaces – Journey Toward the Light

As we will see, in this lecture, the sun, the moon and the stars all play an important role in the mysticism of light. The light of the sun is compared to the light of the Prophet, while the moon is a sign of beauty. by Katherine Schimmel Baki

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Suppression of ideas is the bane of our existence : Katherine Schimmel Baki

Intellectual freedom is required. But what of the invisible chains that bind the human spirit due to an appalling lack of empathy, lack of faith, and lack of spiritual integrity? Asks Katherine Schimmel Baki of Wild River Review

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A Place amongst the Stars: Remembering Iqbal and the Meaning behind his Global Message

A critical essay by Katherine Schimmel Baki on the great poet Philosopher

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