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Sufi Motherhood

the bond between a mother and a child departs markedly from other types of love, and this is where the Sufi-like aspect comes into play because the believer has an absolute, pure love, which does not want to be self-serving in any way, even though this is almost impossible to achieve

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Prayer of a Child

Let my breath add to the beauty of my nation / Like how a flower adds to the beauty of a garden

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A Mother’s Dream

Restless I am / In your separation / Enjoining I am / A necklace of tears

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A torch has Allah given me / A radiant lamp has He made me / Noble are those ones indeed / Whom others find while in need

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To the Muslim ladies : Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

First of all, God makes it clear that both men and women have been created in the same manner and their destinies are inter-related, as if they are the two parts of a single body. The little divergence in their physical structures is for no other reason than that they performed the journey of life comfortably.

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