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Love: A Life so Lifeless

The tale of Love / Is the fail of laugh / A state so restless / A life so lifeless

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The Rhyme & Chime of Rain

Love LOLs / Fantasy flutters / Passion pricks / Dream delights

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Your love for me is like a prayer

When sad wipes my tear
When alone holds me dear
When beats my heart hear
For, your love for me is like a prayer

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It’s been years eleven

One and One / Love upon love / Patience and sacrifice / Not a complaint nor a taint

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10 out of TEN

If any ask to rank our journey/ Till now, from then/ God be my witness/ I’d say: ten out of ten

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Love 9+

An Anniversary poem

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Why need an Excuse?

Lovers need no excuse to praise their Beloved

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Love: The Mirror for Beauty

Beauty lies neither in the object nor in the onlooker
Nay, it rests in the love-image that appears in eyes

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Love Loquacious

I’m a tongue on my own
My speech is for all one
When I appear on the lips
Language elsewhere runs

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The Self has no place in Love

The Self has no place in Love
On selfish soil its seed’s forbidden to sow
Every precious thing in life has a price to be paid
Love, the greatest, demands your Self be low-laid

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