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A Third of Triple

Indian Muslim woman’s appeal to mob lynching thugs post the Triple Talaq verdict

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Once Sign. Never Resign

In Sign if you ever sign / Life shall never be in vein / In Sign if you ever sign / From success you shall never resign

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Malicious Clips

The danger of seeking knowledge from video clips

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To Beirut’s Pen Seller

Fleeing the clutches of the ferocious ‘Lion’
And the bestiality of the ‘Satanic State’
Angels salute your sagacious self
Saints celebrate your celestial trade

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Gaza : A Prank of Blood and Bank

Gaza is the shame on our times and thoughts
Blood-thirsty Ma-Gogs has yet to be quenched
Gaza is the work of blood and bank
Of Qabeel and Qarun an evil prank

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