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As 2018 Elopes

Lofty hopes keep the humanity in prayers as the year 2018 elopes

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Roses are red. Violets are blood

A tribute to the 8-year-old girl who was ‘kidnapped, starved, drugged, and raped repeatedly inside a Hindu temple’ in Kathua, Jammu- India in January 2018

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Ghouta: Cultured Vultures, Uncivilized Vampires

A tribute to the two-year-old boy, Emir al-Bash, martyred in Ghouta, the war-torn suburb of Syria.

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A Third of Triple

Indian Muslim woman’s appeal to mob lynching thugs post the Triple Talaq verdict

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Once Sign. Never Resign

In Sign if you ever sign / Life shall never be in vein / In Sign if you ever sign / From success you shall never resign

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