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Once Sign. Never Resign

In Sign if you ever sign / Life shall never be in vein / In Sign if you ever sign / From success you shall never resign

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Malicious Clips

The danger of seeking knowledge from video clips

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To Beirut’s Pen Seller

Fleeing the clutches of the ferocious ‘Lion’
And the bestiality of the ‘Satanic State’
Angels salute your sagacious self
Saints celebrate your celestial trade

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Gaza : A Prank of Blood and Bank

Gaza is the shame on our times and thoughts
Blood-thirsty Ma-Gogs has yet to be quenched
Gaza is the work of blood and bank
Of Qabeel and Qarun an evil prank

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My Sayyid Shihab Deserves the Real Clap

Such is the job that deserve the real clap, True, not everyone can match my Sayyid Shihab

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Rainbows that Withstand the Rain of Time

Ya Rabb!
What is that you grant your friends
Their tales bring in us these tears
The wind of a single moment in their lives
Causes the fall of our sense’s leaves

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Truth : Share if you Care

Jaihoon’s poem on the selfless hero of Kerbala

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The Sufi Booklover who waited on the Roadside

He walked daily across corridors of dominion
Yet not for once he craved ever for a position
Books were truly his dearest friends
He took them along while on long distance

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Beloved, the Inevitable

This world is as good as naught
Had not his Light been naught
He is ultimate brick in the Tower of Life
He is the Gem in the Ocean of Existence

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Death is her name, Separation is her game

She comes uninvited/To have lovers frightened/Nightmare of life is she,/Pirate of Lovers’ sea is she/Ridicule of love, her hobby/She cares not for any lobby

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