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Quarantined Conscience

Regimes demand hearts to quarantine their Conscience as throat-cutting trials continue for those who possess even a pinch of humanity, writes Mujeeb Jaihoon

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Daylight Rape of Justice: Gandhari’s Prayer for the Meerut Orphans

In Jaihoon’s poetic slam of State-sponsored brutalities, Gandhari, the vedic & virtuous queen of Meerut, decries the sufferings of the orphans in UP, India.

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We are here to Forever Stay

The Indian muslim will not faint and falter at the Numeric Altar of the regime— Jaihoon’s poetic slam of India’s discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Bill

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To the Godless Goons of Mob India

RamaRajya, Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent utopia of mutual tolerance, has no place for bigots who lynch and leech the Weak.

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But with Tears

It is very hard to recall him but with tears. Harder even more to pray without tears. Jaihoon’s commemorative poem on Sayyid Shihab, the great son of India.

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