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A rose-red for every tear shed!

Gentleness is a superhuman quality which is unfound among the majority. Hence, its upholders deserve respect— asserts Jaihoon in this poem.

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How sweet is HIS Fear

A seeker without a spiritual comprade is worth no more than a rotten crop wrought with drought and despair- Mujeeb Jaihoon’s poem on spiritual kinship

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The Merchant who Defied the Storm of Fate

A God-conscious Merchant who praised the Lord twice— upon hearing the sinking of his goods ship and when later informed the ship belonged to someone else.

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Thirst is as Tasty as Water too

The thrill and joy of seeking from the Divine is perhaps more exhilarating than discovering the Sought— Mujeeb Jaihoon explains why in this poem.

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Reflections in the Pain-Mirror

Not a single day passes in lovers’ lives without tears, reflecting each other’s longing in the ancient pain-mirror— reminds Jaihoon in this poem

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