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Journey Ahead. Destination Behind.

Seekers, who dispassionately leave the shrine of the Beloved, abandon their heartbeat behind. Mujeeb Jaihoon’s tribute to those halfhearted pilgrims.

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Dare of the Love-Drunk

Drunkards and drug addicts have no clue about the intoxicating state of Prophetic Love. Mujeeb Jaihoon’s poetic tribute to those blessed lovers.

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Love-Lap Holier than Martyr-field

Lap of Love is holier than Martyr-field or prayer-mat, or so claims Jaihoon

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Becca of My Being

Our dark eyes & filthy hearts unqualify us to claim the love of the Beloved. In spite, a poetic attempt to plead with the Loved One for a generous excuse.

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The Night of Gold Hunt

Mujeeb Jaihoon hails the frenzied seekers in alphabetical fashion to boldly invoke the Divine blessings of the ‘Power of Night’.

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