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No Shame and Him you blame?

Blaming the Almighty for His punishments is nonsensical as He indefinitely ignores the crimes of humans granting them excuse upon excuse to forgive.

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I Trusted YOU with all my Trust

We invoke Allah with every breath we take and every branch we shake hoping that HE is our only Merciful refuge when others see us with rage— writes Jaihoon

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Why Heart Melts in the Solitary Dew

God’s lovers, who enrich each other in togetherness, melt as solitary dew when separated from one another— writes Jaihoon on spiritual kinship

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In search of Him-Arousing Honey

Not always Destiny brings ashore illustrious souls who connect with Divine. One seeker’s journey may benefit others too– hopes Jaihoon in this poem

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Henna of a HIM-Aligned Heart

The love-henna designed hearts of God are aligned towards HIM despite the lures of this deceptive world. Jaihoon’s poem about such ‘indifferent’ souls.

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