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Had it not been for your Name

Had it not been for the name of the Beloved, humanity could never claim their cultural ethos–– argues Jaihoon in this eulogy of Holy Prophet

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Love Lingers at Your Doorstep

We wander in wilderness hunting for Love only to discover that Love is lingering at the doorstep of the Beloved, admits Jaihoon in an ode to the Meem

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MEDINA: Beauty Blushed. Dream Sighed

Beauty, dream and fragrance get eclipsed when shines the Full Moon of MEDINA, eulogizes Mujeeb Jaihoon

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A Throne in Paradise, The Least I Could Ask

Paradise is the least a lover can demand in the name of the Beloved whom the Almighty endears the most in the entire cosmos— suggests the reckless Jaihoon

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Dare of the Love-Drunk

Drunkards and drug addicts have no clue about the intoxicating state of Prophetic Love. Mujeeb Jaihoon’s poetic tribute to those blessed lovers.

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