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Miraj: The Glory is in the Descend, not Ascend

The greatest miracle of the Miraj episode is that the Beloved chose to return to humanity, even after meeting with the Almighty— argues Mujeeb Jaihoon

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Miraj : Every Love has a Secret

Allah does not expect ants to carry mountains. Nor the weakling humans to understand the secret of Miraj— writes Mujeeb Jaihoon

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When Time Forgot to Pass

Miraj: For the first time since its inception, Light found a soul more faster itself— Time & Space reimagined in Jaihoon’s poem on the Miraculous night.

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How could then his Lord NOT exist?

It is inevitable for Allah to exist as no one else could create a magnificent creation like the Holy Prophet— asserts Jaihoon

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Yes, in Muhammad is my belief

The only proof for our belief in the hereafter is that they were told by the Trustworthy Prophet— insists Jaihoon

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