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When Mothers Armor Children with Confidence

Complements usually constrain us into cozy comfort zones. But when Mothers armor children with confidence, belligerent battles seem child’s play

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Mother & Life are not similes but Synonyms

The choice of my homeland is by Divine decree. So look elsewhere for a better victim to pursue your power play (Jaihoon on Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019)

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To the Selfie Offspring

Paradise appears somewhere in between their smile and the Fire is hidden in midst of their painful tears, urges Jaihoon in this poem about filial piety.

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أمّي هي جنّتي

Arabic translation of Jaihoon’s poem, My Mother, My Paradise

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Sufi Motherhood

the bond between a mother and a child departs markedly from other types of love, and this is where the Sufi-like aspect comes into play because the believer has an absolute, pure love, which does not want to be self-serving in any way, even though this is almost impossible to achieve

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