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Baking Change in the Oven of Patience: Jaihoon

Revolution, in the Qur’anic sense, is reviving the Good in an evolutionary fashion— reasons Mujeeb Jaihoon, as he discusses reforms and legends in history.

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The Selfish Scholar is Sinister than the Miserly Rich: Jaihoon

Knowledge cannot be kept in an uncharitable locker. It deserves to be doled to all, asserts Mujeeb Jaihoon in a disruptive talk at Malabar Islamic Complex

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Nature, like Masjid, fire the spiritual oomph of the Believer: Jaihoon

The Sufi and Scientist are synonyms, than antonyms, in the eyes of Quranic worldview, reasons Mujeeb Jaihoon in a disruptive talk at Darul Huda Islamic University Punganur, Andhra Pradesh.

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Diamonds may be Doled for Free. Not Time: Jaihoon

Time is too precious to be considered free, asserts Mujeeb Jaihoon along with other disruptive life-tweaking tips during an interactive session at Darul Huda Islamic University Punganur, Andhra Pradesh

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Words: Crafting Style. Casting Spell

While guns & missiles destroy concrete buildings and human bodies alike, words are even mightier to impress and intimidate human minds, inspires Mujeeb Jaihoon during the talk entitled, Words: Crafting Style. Casting Spell, held at Darul Quran Islamic Academy, Pazhur, Calicut (Aug 06 2018)

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