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Prayer for an Atheist

Your road is less than ten decades
Mine is infinite in number of days
Hell and heaven are for you naught
All my actions are by its strings caught

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It’s not IDEA , Sir ji, It’s ACTION

I have come across many ideas that had the capability of changing lives, but the ‘Idea makers’ are ‘impotent ‘ in action capacity. It resulted in the failure of the idea to even create speak in the listener’s heart; forget the far reaching potential it holds

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God Exists…What about Man?

Based on the question of existence of God and explained in a note of Allama Iqbal found in the collection Stray Reflections

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The Ultimate Aim of Ego

Allama Iqbal invokes the aid of three witnesses to verify the Station of Ego

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The Sufi vs. Observer of Nature

Vision without power cannot give a lasting culture. Power without vision casuses destructiion – Iqbal

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Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam : A review

The book of Iqbal is a timeless intellectual challenge of the first rank, says Ludwig Amman

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Annemarie Schimmmel : On Deciphering The Signs Of God

Annemarie Schimmel, whom we are remembering today, has been a larger than life scholar in the great tradition of German scholarship

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The Present is in search of its Ibrahim

Tawhid, Unity of God, in Iqbalian poetry. Speech by Mohammed Zaheeruddin, (Vice President, Iqbal Academy Hyderabad) given during his visit to Sharjah in May 2006.
Mohammed Zaheeruddin

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Physics breaks its own idol

In the words of Prof Whitehead, the theory reduces one-half of Nature to a ‘dream’ and other half to a ‘conjecture’.

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Religion vs. Philosophy- To Embrace or Exclude?

The one grasp Reality piecemeal, the other grasps it in its wholeness. The one fixes its gaze on the eternal the other on the temporal aspect of Reality.

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