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Sincerity is to Action what Bow is to Arrow: Jaihoon

Have you seen a dictionary? Every word has in it a specific meaning. Your life too is a dictionary… Jaihoon’s address at BASE Leaders meet

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Once Sign. Never Resign

In Sign if you ever sign / Life shall never be in vein / In Sign if you ever sign / From success you shall never resign

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Qualify yourself to dream like a king: Jaihoon

Your dream should be aimed at a larger horizon. For this, you need to gather as much knowledge and expertise for building a grand dream.

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Love at Home: Express, suppress not

We must achieve a state of family life where a child prays for his parents and spouses wish to have the same mate in the hereafter.

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Report on Status of Gulf Return Emigrants Released

The compelling report will be used to persuade the policy makers for specific intervention measures for the well being of the Gulf Return migrants as well as to present the real picture before the general public.

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Meem is for Mercy : Kerala Launch

Munawwarali Shihab Thangal, Chairman of SIGN Human Resource Development, launched the book ‘Meem is for Mercy’ by poet Mujeeb Jaihoon at the 5th Annual conference of SIGN

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Study required about Expats in Resident Countries too : Jaihoon

The recent Kerala expats are finding it very hard to maintain their financial discipline and this has created many social problems for themselves and their dependents

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