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Unlock YOUR Love Within

The slave can readily accept the lockdown of his entire freedom provided the Master unlocks His Love within him or her–– Jaihoon’s Lailathul Qadr 2020 poem

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Ramadan 1437: Jaihoon’s Journal

This year’s fasting began on a Monday, the day of Beloved’s birth. Nothing could get more auspicious than this to commence the spiritual cleansing process.

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Shy Not to Ask the King who loves to Grant

Alas! Tonight there are no limits / One is bound only as far as what they seek / And I have chosen to ask and ask until /
My head and heart, hands and bag are full

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Iftar is ½ of a Believer’s Joy: Jaihoon

Speech at the Dubai KMCC Iftar meet

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Ramadan 1435: Jaihoon’s journal

Amid all the spiritual and philosophical talk surrounding Ramadan, it would be a great disservice to ignore the contribution of the womenfolk at home.

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