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Love, the 13th 💍

No letter nor number will bring any fear / As long as I am locked in your arms dear… a poem celebrating 13 years of love and affection)

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Love: A Life so Lifeless

The tale of Love / Is the fail of laugh / A state so restless / A life so lifeless

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Your love for me is like a prayer

When sad wipes my tear
When alone holds me dear
When beats my heart hear
For, your love for me is like a prayer

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Thy name is Love!

Portion of Magic
Passion of Mind
Poison of Body.
Ah! Thy name is Love!

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Love Loquacious

I’m a tongue on my own
My speech is for all one
When I appear on the lips
Language elsewhere runs

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The Self has no place in Love

The Self has no place in Love
On selfish soil its seed’s forbidden to sow
Every precious thing in life has a price to be paid
Love, the greatest, demands your Self be low-laid

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A Love-Note

Your love, most precious, No other dish, so delicious
This life, too less, My love, to you confess
Since I drank from your river, Healed I am of my solitary fever

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A Distant Bosom

Each finds its abode near
Close-by for each other to hear
But O my restless heart
Why beat you in a distant bosom?

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For Her Patient Love

Realized I not your affection
Inflicted upon you the solitary affliction
You kept open your eyes in longing
For my single glimpse you kept staring
Yet, I threw upon you thorns of pain
And you gifted me with roses of love…

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Forbidden Promises

To escape from one Rose
I ran into thousand thorns
To keep a single oath
I belied a hundred truths
I swore to not swear at all
Loyalty to her is betrayal of all…

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