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Forbidden Promises

To escape from one Rose
I ran into thousand thorns
To keep a single oath
I belied a hundred truths
I swore to not swear at all
Loyalty to her is betrayal of all…

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If you saw me, you have seen her too

One day to my heart made I an appeal, ‘Tell me about the one you did conceal. It replied…

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A Sin to Count Love

Only a thing which ends has numbers
Love, but, burns ever without embers
Love began before we were ‘being’
It extends even after we go ‘un-being’

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Love is such a thing

Lovers are ready to suffer and sacrifice anything and everything for their loved ones. This makes love the rarest of all feelings on earth

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Innovation in Expression: The Fuel of Love’s fire

Love, like other affairs of life, requires creativity from the part of the lover. Only way to preserve love in its youth is to innovate the ways in which it is expressed

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