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For Her Patient Love

Realized I not your affection
Inflicted upon you the solitary affliction
You kept open your eyes in longing
For my single glimpse you kept staring
Yet, I threw upon you thorns of pain
And you gifted me with roses of love…

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Forbidden Promises

To escape from one Rose
I ran into thousand thorns
To keep a single oath
I belied a hundred truths
I swore to not swear at all
Loyalty to her is betrayal of all…

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If you saw me, you have seen her too

One day to my heart made I an appeal, ‘Tell me about the one you did conceal. It replied…

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A Sin to Count Love

Only a thing which ends has numbers
Love, but, burns ever without embers
Love began before we were ‘being’
It extends even after we go ‘un-being’

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Love is such a thing

Lovers are ready to suffer and sacrifice anything and everything for their loved ones. This makes love the rarest of all feelings on earth

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