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Love: The Wine Jar of Jealousy

Love is a jar filled with jealous wine/Who consumes it shouts “You are only mine”/The beloved has no other self/As if she is locked inside his shelf

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Bind us with Your Bond

Ya Rabb! These little hands to You I raise/Let others mention our Affinity with much praise/We ask You with our head on ground/Ya Allah! Bind us together with Your bond!

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How could I love you not?

Oh! I ask again and again / But no answer could I gain- How could I love you not?

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And then when I am no more

Have you thought of that solitary day-/When close to you shall I not stay?/Have you thought of that hour-/Not a word from me you’ll hear?Have you thought of that moment-/When my memories shall you torment?

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Is it not called?

Is it not called/What cannot be told/Is it not called/Which cannot be sold

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