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Innovation in Expression: The Fuel of Love’s fire

Love, like other affairs of life, requires creativity from the part of the lover. Only way to preserve love in its youth is to innovate the ways in which it is expressed

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Love: The Wine Jar of Jealousy

Love is a jar filled with jealous wine/Who consumes it shouts “You are only mine”/The beloved has no other self/As if she is locked inside his shelf

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Bind us with Your Bond

Ya Rabb! These little hands to You I raise/Let others mention our Affinity with much praise/We ask You with our head on ground/Ya Allah! Bind us together with Your bond!

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How could I love you not?

Oh! I ask again and again / But no answer could I gain- How could I love you not?

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And then when I am no more

Have you thought of that solitary day-/When close to you shall I not stay?/Have you thought of that hour-/Not a word from me you’ll hear?Have you thought of that moment-/When my memories shall you torment?

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