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Sayyid Shihab Won Hearts Over Minds: Jaihoon

Sayyid Shihab appealed more to our hearts than our minds, asserts Jaihoon at Sayyid Shihab International Summit held at Dubai

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Sayyid Abdurrahman Bafaqih: The Lamp that Challenged the Storm

Dr MK Muneer (Kerala’s Minister for Social Welfare) shares his memoir on the influence of the legendary leader of Muslim Kerala upon his father CH Mohammed Koya

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Sayyid Shihab for the Shabab : His life and Message for the Youth (Jaihoon’s speech)

It is not easy to confine a personality such as Panakkad Sayyid Muhammadali Shihab within the four walls of our convenience of time and space. His personality, like that of any other sagacious souls who lived on this earth, was like that of the sun

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Jaihoon to attend Shihab Thangal Commemorative Conference

Jaihoon will present his English poem about Sayyid Shihab Thangal at the seminar.

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Wounded Sultan, Valiant Sufi

The Sufi Sultan had just returned from US after a critical operation. He was perhaps in the greatest crisis of his life. Losses enveloped him from all frontiers. That’s when Jaihoon approached him with some questions.

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My Sayyid Shihab Deserves the Real Clap

Such is the job that deserve the real clap, True, not everyone can match my Sayyid Shihab

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Rainbows that Withstand the Rain of Time

Ya Rabb!
What is that you grant your friends
Their tales bring in us these tears
The wind of a single moment in their lives
Causes the fall of our sense’s leaves

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The Sufi Booklover who waited on the Roadside

He walked daily across corridors of dominion
Yet not for once he craved ever for a position
Books were truly his dearest friends
He took them along while on long distance

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Abdul Raheem Al Khouri, who loved and lived for Keralites

Al Khouri was attracted by the deep knowledge Syed Shihab had gained from Egypt especially in the field of Arabic poetry. A friendship that began because of their mutual interest in poetry later resulted in an intimate relation between the two souls.

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സങ്കടപ്പുഴയുടെ തീരത്ത്

Seena Tony Jose narrates her experience about her visit to the Sayyids of Panakkad (

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