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Milestones Smiles across Miles. Jaihoon has dedicated his existence to speaking through the written word. His…
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Mujeeb Jaihoon

Mujeeb Jaihoon is a UAE-based Indian storyteller whose passion extends beyond the realms of the ordinary as he inspires, innovates & illuminates his readers.

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The Cool Breeze From Hind

This semi-fictional novel treats you to a mystic feast of brilliant visual metaphors and powerful imagery with a rare poetic-prose prowess unique to this UAE-based Indian storyteller.

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Slogans of the Sage

A coffee table book for revival of India’s Pluralism

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ShihabWise | Appgrading Indian Pluralism

World’s first app based on life and message of Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal – compiled & translated by Mujeeb Jaihoon.

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