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Sura Al Shams : Lecture notes

Allah has made Man as the parallel of cosmos in Man. Fujoor is the Night and Taqwa is the Daylight.

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Sura Al Bayyinah : Lecture Notes

The paradise dwellers fear Allah, unseen and unheard. Paradise is the prize for those who believe WITHOUT seeing miracles

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Sura Al Asr: Lecture Notes

Search for Truth is also the Search with Patience. Sabr is a medicine which does not have any overdose.

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Sura Al Kawthar : Lecture Notes

The methodology of Quran in education is not spoon-feeding. It fascinates and stimulates without killing the scope of the topic.

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Sura Al Masad : Lecture Notes

Quran mentions certain incidents when it is least expected to happen. Past, Present and Future are all same for Allah.

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