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Mawlid in S. Arabia : Blessings of September 11

“This is ablessings of Sep 11. It put the brakes on the practice of takfir, excommunicating everyone who didn’t exactly follow their creed,”

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”I am an American”: SO WHAT?

Thank God that unlike organized religions, there isn’t any single custodian or a specific city in the case of English language to dictate what is authentic or not. Or else it would become hard for humanity to distinguish between the terms- ‘terrorism’ from ‘patriotism’.

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Shame for Uncle Sam

It was hard to believe whether it was the real news or a commercial break of a Hollywood movie preview. But this was real plane, real building and real people.

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Palestine: What approach next ?

The only approach that remains to be tried is a ‘spiritual approach’… not missiles and bombings.

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