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Mission Olivistan : Day 06

Malayalees can, read need to, appreciate & imitate two noble traits from Arabs: Expressing Gratitude & Apologies… tweets from Day 06 of Jaihoon’s travel to Middle East


Umra 2013 Tweets

Tell me, o lovers, is dreaming of the Beloved in sleep as sweet as losing it for his sake?

Sayed Sadiqali Shihab Thangal waiving hand at Nabi Musa

Mission Olivistan : Day 05

Masjids were great centers of learning in earlier days. Unfortunately today it’s become resort of the retired feeble ones alone


Mission Olivistan : Day 03

Guide says there was a Palestinian martyr yesterday. All shops are closed. We are walking through streets of old Hebron.


Mission Olivistan : Day 02

DAY 02 – 12/12/2012 Tweets from Mission Olivistan Four Nations. One Journey Breakfast with Dr Nadwi. Travel, too, is a form of Dhikr. It’s another way of appreciating the creative diversity of Almighty. Modern Man, arrested with the mechanical routine, seeks to escape his boredom with Travel to discover new avenues of inspiration. My hosts […]


Mission Olivistan : Day 01

Very soon going to embrace an intellectual roller-coaster ride with history, politics and religion of some of THE most happening nations


Sura Ikhlas (Tweets)

“Allah is the proper noun of the deity. It is not a translation for the word God.” Notes and Thoughts during Holy Quran commentary


Sally Gardner Story Reading

@TheSallyGardner is a successful author despite her challenges with dyslexia in her childhood. She’s a true inspiration for all.

Moideenkutty Ustad Athipatta

Ramadan 2011 : Tweets

He also said the night of #27 was very important irrespective of whether the Night of Power occurred on that night or not


Miraj was no Mirage : Tweets

When there were no billions of believers to support, only his wise wife was there to assure the greatest Man on this planet

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Selected tweets from Jaihoon