Selected tweets from Jaihoon. Please use with permission only (last updated Nov 23 2014) We should find our fierce competitor in our yesterdays by making better tomorrow’s. – 16/11/2014 May Allah protect us from photoshopped Truths. #media – 15/11/2014 A single conscious thought of God may be better than a thousand zombie prayers. – 05/11/2014 […]

Al Azhar

Mission Olivistan : Day 06

Malayalees can, read need to, appreciate & imitate two noble traits from Arabs: Expressing Gratitude & Apologies… tweets from Day 06 of Jaihoon’s travel to Middle East


Mission Olivistan : Day 02

DAY 02 – 12/12/2012 Tweets from Mission Olivistan Four Nations. One Journey Breakfast with Dr Nadwi. Travel, too, is a form of Dhikr. It’s another way of appreciating the creative diversity of Almighty. Modern Man, arrested with the mechanical routine, seeks to escape his boredom with Travel to discover new avenues of inspiration. My hosts […]