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NamoInDubai: Hopes n Concerns

Jaihoon shares his comments and concerns about the historic visit of Narendra Modi to UAE in a telephonic interview with DarshanaTV

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GCC to the Rescue of Expats in the Gulf

Opportunities have been created all across the Gulf

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Report on Status of Gulf Return Emigrants Released

The compelling report will be used to persuade the policy makers for specific intervention measures for the well being of the Gulf Return migrants as well as to present the real picture before the general public.

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UAE : The Global Brandname for Unity & Generosity – Sayyid Sadiqali Shihab

International bodies such as UN has recognized and appreciated Arabs’ effort to eliminate poverty and suffering worldwide.

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UAE : Like her, no mother other

They say love has no scent or hue/ And this say is indeed true/
But truths are to experience/Not to be taken in ignorance/Yes, UAE is my Foster Mother/Like her, no mother other..

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