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E is for Education. Empathy Too: Jaihoon

The extremist elements who terrorize our civil society are also products of educational institutions but severely lacking in empathy

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UAE Stands by Yemen’s People

On UAE’s eforts to restore peace in Yemen

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Martyrs Kindle Courage of the Nation : Jaihoon

Jaihoon on the martyrdom of Emirati soldiers in Operation Restore Hope

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نم يا صغيري

Dr Bahauddin Nadwi’s tribute to the Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian drowned boy

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To Beirut’s Pen Seller

Fleeing the clutches of the ferocious ‘Lion’
And the bestiality of the ‘Satanic State’
Angels salute your sagacious self
Saints celebrate your celestial trade

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Heaven’s Hoor and Yemen’s Martyr-Bride

Yet that very night life lost to death / Dreams cried, nightmare laughed / Rose withered, Thorns bloomed /
Cup smashed, wine spilled… Jaihoon’s poetic dissent against civilian deaths in the Yemen conflict

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Gaza : A Prank of Blood and Bank

Gaza is the shame on our times and thoughts
Blood-thirsty Ma-Gogs has yet to be quenched
Gaza is the work of blood and bank
Of Qabeel and Qarun an evil prank

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Twice Bitten: The Kabul Deaths & Mosul Funerals

On the atrocities and betrayal by neo imperialist forces. After the devastation is complete, the Imperialists, ironically, then call on other nations for rebuilding the destroyed nation.

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Thus Warned The Puppet Master

When we ‘leak’,
It’s threat of state security
When you ‘leak’
It’s right to information… On the one sided justice of Neo-Imperialists

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And then they say sorry

In response to the news of Serbia’s parliament’s resolution apologising for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre

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