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Time is Ripe to Lift the Intellectual Veil of Kerala Muslim Women: Jaihoon

Only a definitive women Islamic scholarship can put up a credible counter offensive against Islamphobia, says Jaihoon on the intellectual renaissance of Kerala’s Muslim women

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Imitation, the Angel of Death: Jaihoon

Is Women’s day celebration another deceptive act from the bag of tricks of the Patriarchial Juggler, asks Mujeeb Jaihoon

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Ego & Cooking won’t make good bed Partners: Jaihoon

Jaihoon on Male Saints & Female Cooks, during an interactive session at Muhammed Ali Shihab Thangal Memorial (MSTM) Arts and Science College

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10 out of TEN

If any ask to rank our journey/ Till now, from then/ God be my witness/ I’d say: ten out of ten

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Love at Home: Express, suppress not

We must achieve a state of family life where a child prays for his parents and spouses wish to have the same mate in the hereafter.

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Kalimat : The story of a Mother’s Journey to Publishing

Sheikha Bodour is herself the epitome of women’s ability to manage multiple responsibilities with equal charm

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Sufi Motherhood

the bond between a mother and a child departs markedly from other types of love, and this is where the Sufi-like aspect comes into play because the believer has an absolute, pure love, which does not want to be self-serving in any way, even though this is almost impossible to achieve

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First Ramadan with the First Baby

For now, I will content myself with trying to stretch my day a little more…and enjoy this fleeting time I have with my soon-will-be-a-grown-up baby before I look back at this amazingly hectic time wistfully; wishing i had appreciated it while I could…

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Man’s Rest vs. Woman’s Test [On the Need of Akhira for Justice]

Since we toil for the men to rest/Our least be better than his best/
Not a drop of our sweat shall be lost/With joy shall our cheeks be moist

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Men are unfair with the Fair Creatures of God : A dialogue of Urban and Rural Women

Two of them met on a train / Truly they were both in pain / Each blamed the other’s men / A sheep they were in his den

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