Jaihoon Books

Unheard voices. Invigorating expressions.

Jaihoon transforms accepted norms into warmly welcomed revelation. His undying passion for the written word stirs the mind, and challenges the status quo.

The Cool Breeze From Hind

a mystical discourse on Indian Indigeneity.

The Cool Breeze From Hind, a semi-fictional novel, treats you to a mystic feast of vibrant visual metaphors and powerful imagery with a rare poetic-prose prowess unique to this UAE-based Indian storyteller. Learn more >


Slogans of the Sage

Sayyid Shihab’s Sagacious Quotations. First ever. Forever.

While most leaders are remembered for their eloquent and fiery speeches, Sayyid Shihab will be remembered for his brevity and meek smile. This “great son of Kerala” remained unapologetically committed to India’s pluralism and democratic values. With his vast knowledge and commitment to Sufi traditions, he furthered the call of communal amity through his speeches and writings. While Sayyid is no longer with us physically, his powerful messages live on in the hearts of millions of Indians.
As an unconventional politician, Sayyid was mildly and miserly-spoken. Hence, Slogans of the Sage.Learn more >

Mothers & Martyrs

Infinite Injustice.

Women take on a plethora of roles in our world – mothers, daughters, wives, abused spouses and more. The eye-opening book treats the reader to a journey into another world, igniting undeniable mental images of the realities of war and women’s rights, the trials and tribulations of motherhood, the brutal curse of injustice, the seeds of hope we plant around us, the nourishing gift of philanthropy… but that’s just the beginning Learn more >

Meem is for Mercy

my slogan. my revolution.

“Intellectually and emotionally, ‘Meem is for Mercy’ belongs to the finest life-enhancing genre material that sidesteps the boundaries of conventional poetry. Jaihoon has already carved his own niche with his remarkable poetic jugglery and ‘Meem’, with its explosion of mystical imagery, will surely hypnotize even the most hostile non-poetry fans. You may occasionally stretch and struggle to keep up with his Slogans of Mercy, but you surely wouldn’t want to abandon his Revolution of Meem.” Learn more >

The Alchemy of Affinity

Divine love peppered with romance.

The poems are all variations on a theme of divine love peppered with splendid romance whose course does not always run smooth.Be that as it may, they try to breathe a fresh lease of life into the distressed modern man who finds himself at his wits’ end in a burning spiritual desert of his own making. Learn more >


Love knows no color nor race.

The title of the book refers to thoughts influenced by Medina, the city of Beloved of God. The message brought by the Holy Prophet is free from the chains of color and race. His love too is independent from the limits of man-made languages. Soul of man is without smell or color. Then what is the case of love of His Beloved, whom the Quran describes as ‘closer to the believers than their own souls?’. Learn more >

Henna for the Heart

Beyond cosmetics to the cosmic.

Love is anguish for some; it is yearning, hope, pain, joy and silent suffering. For Jaihoon, the evocative writer, who has diluted the barriers between sublime prose and mosaic verse, love is discovering the joy of God in every being. Jaihoon reflects a new, hidden face of the today’s youth: One that is unwilling to compromise and fall prey to the all-pervading materialistic culture. Learn more >


Percept analysis.

He has a bleeding heart. It pains for humanity. It pains for the hundreds who fall pray to the bullets of the mighty. It anguishes for the helplessness of the wounded, victims of sheer terror. It cries out against the sorrow of bondage-emotional, intellectual and physical. And the heart sings. Notes that defy tradition. Lyrics that stir up empathy. Notations that bring to your mind a yearning for eternal peace. Learn more >