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Rahul Gandhi presented with book on Sayyid Shihab

Photos from Jaihoon’s book presentation to Indian National Congress President, Rahul Gandhi (Feb 05 2018)

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Kashgar: Land of Uyghur & Silk Route

Photos from Tour of Old Kashgar, March 2015

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Mount of Olives and Rabia Too

Photos from the Mount of Olives, home to the Chapel of the Ascension and a mausoleum attributed to Rabia Basri, the renowned lady saint of Islam. Dec 2012

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Tram of Jerusalem

The tram and other sights around the modernized historic city of Jerusalem, equally endeared by the three greatest monotheistic faiths in the world. – Dec 2012

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Streets and Salads of Amman

Photos from Day one of Olivistan, a journey across the ancient lands of Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Israel – Dec 2012

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