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Iqbal Radiates & Ruminates Hearts: Mujeeb Jaihoon

The Poet-Philosopher radiates and ruminates our minds and souls with infinite imagination and vibrant voices, notes Mujeeb Jaihoon during book launch at Sharjah Book Fair

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An educated Afghanistan will be the best friend of India : Iqbal

Personally I believe that complete secularization of education has not produced good results anywhere especially in Muslim lands. Nor is there any absolute system of education. Each country has its own needs and its educational problems must be discussed and solved in the light of those needs.

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Islamic Culture: Europe has realized it, Let Muslims too – Iqbal

Millions upon millions of men and women in Europe are anxious to know what Islam and its cultural ideals are. The sooner the younger generation of Muslims realizes this fact the better. European Muslims have already realized it.

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Westerners do to Medicine what Indians do to food : Iqbal on Ayurvedic and Yunani medicine

I may mention that while I was in England, an English friend of mine told me that our way of cooking food was unnatural so much so that the original flavor of the food was entirely lost in the act of cooking it He praised the Western way of cooking food. Thereupon I told him that what we did with our food, the Westerners did with their medicines

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Iqbal’s New Year Message (1938)

Let us therefore begin the New Year with the prayer that God Almighty may grant humanity to those who are in places of power and government and teach them to cherish mankind.

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