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Babri: Brace for further Hate Race

To all those eagerly composing obituaries for the fanatics-razed 16th century Monument, brace even more for the murder of Minority-souls, not just ancient domes or minarets.

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CM Qazi Death: The Twin Murder of Rational Thought & Moral Practice

The perpetrators behind his disappearance have to be brought to book without fear or favor, whatsoever be their nepotistic nexus with the power corridors

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The curious case of Muslim Kerala’s Communist Apostles

Why don’t the apostles have the confidence to accept the membership of the Communist tribe? After all, were they not the devout preachers who carved a niche in Malabar for ‘Shaykh Marx’ and ‘Hazrat Lenin’? … Analysis of Muslim politics in 2016 Kerala elections.

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Indulging with the Infinite

‘Tonight on, the KING is seeking the petition from his subjects. And know the best of HIS subjects are those who ask HIM the best. And know again, HE is in love with those who ask. So be not stingy in your questions and wants. Lay bare your heart’s wishes. Spread open for HIM your infinite wish list. HE is the KING of Mercy and Love. ‘

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A True Blueprint for the Patient Realization of Time

A critical essay on the four factors which would help one realize the full meaning of Time.

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