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Remembering Kerala’s Spiritual Democrat

Mujeeb Jaihoon’s eulogy for late Shaykh Mohiyuddin Musliyar Athipatta (1936-2018), the under-explored goldmine of modern Muslim Kerala.

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The Muslim Maryada in Ayodhya: GOD IS WITH THE OPPRESSED

True Ramarajya will only entitle Muslims to greater peace, equality & freedom. Nevertheless, Patience will be indispensable — asserts Mujeeb Jaihoon

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The Virus Lockdown: Face-palm for Faith and Smiley for Science?

Human progress is possible only in the complementarity between Faith and Science. Religionists & Science cheerleaders have to unite, writes Mujeeb Jaihoon

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Empathy is at the heart of Multi-Faith Camaraderie of Anti-CAA Protests

Have the Indian Muslims expressed the same solidarity for the oppressed Dalits as others are aggressively showing towards Muslims now, asks Mujeeb Jaihoon

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Anti-CAA University Protests: Writing on the Wall for Vegetable Politicians, Lapdog Media & Selfie Celebrities

The fate of Divisive rulers and their doormats have been suicidal at best, predicts Jaihoon in a scathing piece on the fascist attacks at Indian campuses.

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