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The curious case of Muslim Kerala’s Communist Apostles

Why don’t the apostles have the confidence to accept the membership of the Communist tribe? After all, were they not the devout preachers who carved a niche in Malabar for ‘Shaykh Marx’ and ‘Hazrat Lenin’? … Analysis of Muslim politics in 2016 Kerala elections.

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Silence of the Kashgar Daughters (Txt ver)

What would it be like to set foot on that timeless soil where Past and Present played hide and seek from the other? My head lectured on the impossibilities even as my heart whispered about the possibilities. And I knew Truth would finally triumph even if Falsehood would stage its deceptive dance to snare my dream. Heart got its due, but after patiently knocking for more than ten years at Destiny’s doors.

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Of Bukhara’s Brides & Babar’s Belligerence : A Travel Tale to Timur’s Towns

When I boarded the flight back to Delhi, the land that used to be playground for the power games of the Timurian descendants, I felt an extraordinary connection between the two nations. Uzbekistan was no longer alien nor foreign to me. With the Two Bs, Baber and Bukhari, I had to acknowledge the Uzbek contribution to my own country and creed… Jaihoon’s tryst at Uzbekistan

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Death – The Nemesis of Human Mortality: No more grand prayer from my Grandmother

Nothing does more damage to our creative ambitions than the loss of our dearest well-wishers. And the wound is even deeper when the loss is inflicted upon by Death, the nemesis of human mortality.

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A True Blueprint for the Patient Realization of Time

A critical essay on the four factors which would help one realize the full meaning of Time.

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