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Bright Lessons from the Book of Blind

Blind people can teach us bright lessons, concludes Jaihoon after visit to the Home for the Destitute Blind, in Kizhuparamba village of Kerala

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The Noor of Tavanoor

There was a faint light in the horizon ready to fade any moment. I prayed that Tavanoor continue to be blessed with the light of peace and beauty, love and serenity.

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Campus, the flame. Friendship its Moth: Jaihoon

Empty praise from a friend is worse than a sincere curse from an enemy.

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Expatriates Excel Sufis : Jaihoon

Keralites who traveled to Kerala on ‘mission bread’ continued to support the humanitarian initiatives undergoing in their home country, even as they struggled for their own existence

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Report on Status of Gulf Return Emigrants Released

The compelling report will be used to persuade the policy makers for specific intervention measures for the well being of the Gulf Return migrants as well as to present the real picture before the general public.

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