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Malicious Clips

The danger of seeking knowledge from video clips

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When Sick…

#whensick how much family matters in our lives

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Westerners do to Medicine what Indians do to food : Iqbal on Ayurvedic and Yunani medicine

I may mention that while I was in England, an English friend of mine told me that our way of cooking food was unnatural so much so that the original flavor of the food was entirely lost in the act of cooking it He praised the Western way of cooking food. Thereupon I told him that what we did with our food, the Westerners did with their medicines

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The Muslim Is Friendly And Likeable

The believer gets along with people and they feel comfortable with him. There is no goodness in the one who does not get along with people and with whom they do not feel comfortable

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A celebrity out of Poverty

Which mother could see her child- who just survived a suicidal attempt- be taken away from her?

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