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Ya Rabbana! Ya Rabbana!

We submit our faults in HIS presence from whom there is nothing to hide as we stand silent like a bride- Jaihoon’s bold lines pleading to the Most Merciful

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When YOU hear my prayer !

The servant becomes ecstatic with joy when Lord answers his or her plea. But joy of fulfilment is incomplete without expressing gratitude- insists Jaihoon

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Didn’t YOU like my tears, my prayers ?

When we are left without a guide in our solitary ride and none to confide, we turn to our Creator for solace- Jaihoon’s passionate verses on Ramadan prayers

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With Every Tear HE is Familiar

ALLAH is well aware of the warmth of every tear that flows down the cheeks of His hopeful servant- asserts Jaihoon in this devotional poem

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Ya Badee’al Ajaaib: A Poem of Mayhem

Weep not for this poet nor for his blood-like plight- Jaihoon’s chaotic poem on spiritual mayhem citing anecdotes from Rabia Basri and Umar Qazi.

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