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CM Qazi Death: The Twin Murder of Rational Thought & Moral Practice

The perpetrators behind his disappearance have to be brought to book without fear or favor, whatsoever be their nepotistic nexus with the power corridors

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Mansa Masjid: Malayalee Payback for Punjabi Philanthropy

The Masjid was only a payback for a leading orphan care institution established by two Punjabi Muslim brothers decades ago at Calicut, they said.

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Time is Ripe to Lift the Intellectual Veil of Kerala Muslim Women: Jaihoon

Only a definitive women Islamic scholarship can put up a credible counter offensive against Islamphobia, says Jaihoon on the intellectual renaissance of Kerala’s Muslim women

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Environmental Protection is a Spiritual Assignment

Mujeeb Jaihoon speaking to Darshana TV on the Environmental Protection is a Spiritual Assignment

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Post Oil Era : Opportunity, not a Threat

JAIHOON’s critical comment on the opportunities in post-oil economy

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