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Mother : A step ahead of the Martyr

Her every vein protested with pain. And now she was asking one of her sons to look after his medication, writes Jaihoon on a visit to the ICU

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The Aminah Assilmi Story:Former Baptist explains why she is now a Muslim

She used to be a Southern Baptist and a radical feminist. Now Aminah Assilmi is an ambassador of Islam

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Muslim Women Change Others’ Fate

To the true lovers of God / Recite the Holy Qur’an / And enthusiastically translate / Its spirit into action

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From Cocktail Pub to Islam

Laura, who used to manage a trendy cocktail pub, changed her mind after she met a friend who had embraced Islam

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Uplifting the Female without dumping her status

Among the most intensely discussed issues of today is the upliftment of women. The issue has attracted attention from all walks of life, creating both controversies and emotional response.

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