by Jaihoon

O Tasbih! I have seen nothing but good in you
In His Fear I have seen you melting as dew

In silence did I learn the lessons you gave
In your absence my heart would grieve

Never for once my glance did I cast
Save with the modest garment of respect

Nor did I listen to anyone’s comment
That would bring upon your name a taint

But one day I complained behind your back
About His Fear and Love that I did lack

Why to you, and not me-
Was He ‘My Merciful Him’

I am His slave
You are his slave
Why then only you have
A thing that I badly carve?

O Tasbih! I am still feeding on the bread you left
Those precious gems that you did generously gift!

In the east and west I have searched in vain
A cloud that for my dry heart would bring His rain

O Tasbih! All the sweet shops are sadly empty
Ah! I begged and begged, neither nuts nor candy

I am a dark coal
Burn me in your fire

My body is sinfully foul-
In my soul awaken His desire.

Make this Hindi half crescent a Hijazi full moon
Then see how for His Slaves will it be blissful boon!

September 20, 2003.


Hindi.. Hijazi: Indian and Arabian.