– Jaihoon

O dear flame. Don’t leave me in the dark
For the devil’s forces upon me to stalk

I know you have a Him-fearing kind heart
You’ve been so generous to me since start

If you desert me in this confusing age
Where will I run to seek a pious refuge

My friend. Not in this dark me you leave
Who else will guide me towards His Love

Shall I bury my face among the penny papers?
Or indulge myself in the world of virtual cables?

Have you wondered what will happen to this moth?
In your absence he shall become another dead sloth

Drown me not with so much pain
Show me that you care as little as a grain

I shiver of cold in the bazaar of the beasts
What appears as candy is in real bitter taste

Men and women have become madly blind
With greed, their souls have they left behind

I see nothing but pitch darkness around
In hind and Hijaz I see only evils abound

All I need is a ray of Him Loving flame
Ah! Even if I am burnt have I no blame.

Be a little kind to this little being
Plenty are the fortunes that he can bring

In your absence my wings become weak
Without His fearful tears dry is my cheek

Now when I silently raise my head to the sky
Even before speaking a word I begin to cry

He hears me weep
He sees my heart deep

He knows how much sincere hope I keep
And what my heart whispers while I sleep

O My Tabrez. O My Tasbih!

Tell me a little more about that Merciful Him
My heart is not content listening to you in dream

If you have wounded me partly with His Love-
Take the sword and complete the story.

For, it pains more for a lover’s heart to bleed
Give me not a book, but teach me how to read

O dear flame. Don’t leave me in the dark
For the devil’s forces upon me to stalk

Leave me not alone in solitude to perish
Do everything else, but not like this punish

Without you I can bear any amount of pain,
But not the joy, which my success brings

Of what value is that joy
Unable to share, makes you cry

Imagine the pain and regret of a shallow well
When His rain comes plenty, but it can’t have all

My heart is small, it cannot contain much
When the cup is to its full, it outflows

For many years I ran east and west in His search
Within days you taught me in my heart is His reach

Then I called Him the creator of the earth and sky
‘O My Merciful Him who loves me’ is now my cry

Why to be so rude, o slave of Al Wadood?
Why leave me to suffer in the solitude?

O dear flame. Don’t leave me in the dark
For the devil’s forces upon me to stalk

I have nothing else in this world to look at
Our Ummah has become a stock to mock at

It cannot know the friend from the foe
And talk matters big to make a show

I do not wish to put anyone in blame
What do I have for any difference to claim

In such a state, why me you desert
Alone in His Way, how shall I exert?

You showed me a world beyond books
His fear issued from your humble looks

Now I come across learned sages
Who have learned numerous pages

Ah! But what is the use
His Love in me they can’t arouse

O dear flame. Don’t leave me in the dark
For the devil’s forces upon me to stalk

I shall not stop my complaint
Until with it you shall acquaint!

May Allah grant you a thousand years more
To Love and fear Him more than ever before

December 28th, 2003. Inspired on an evening ride.


Him-fearing kind heart: It is only the fear of God that can soften the hearts of people. In the absence of it, they will become rude to others.

virtual cables: the world of technology.

complete the story: kill

Al Wadood: most loving. one of the 99 names of God

In His way how shall I exert: The literal meaning of jihad is to ‘exert’.