My sweet beloved asked me last night
‘Is it in solitude that you like to write?”

I smiled seeing the look in her curious eyes
‘Coz the sailor rides gazing at the star in the skies

Jaihoon flows in the hope of the Ultimate Sea
Without Affinity, the falcon turns an owl unable to see

I said,

“I live in the present times
In my song word and deed rhymes

I am not fond of idle dreams
I build my ends with practical means

Little do I like to complain
I speak the truth clear and plain

What to gain of talking about worlds other?
I am the bud of today, about yesterday why bother?”

My voice began to rise higher in tone
Although to listen around was my beloved alone

She kept looking at me in silence
As if for her eyes I gave much coolness.

January 16 2004. Inspired after Juma’ prayer.