Allah does not expect ants to carry mountains. Nor the weakling humans to understand the secret of Miraj— writes Mujeeb Jaihoon

O Lord of the worlds hidden
No veil is before You unseen
May this sinner submit a question
If Your majesty I dare not to offend

For thousand and more years have we cried
In grasping this Night’s meaning have we tried
Every intellect adds to its beauty new
The truth is but known to save a few

Help us to understand its mystery Ya Rabb!
Lest with its secret shall we hearts rub!

Came the reply,

“Your insolence is as raw as your ignorance
Truth be told, your question is far from impress

It is not My habit to ask the ants to carry the mountains
Nor do I ever command the wax to guard the flame
No fish will be forced to cross the river of fear
For, I decree only that which a soul can bear

How then do you think would I suppose
For men and jinn to Miraj’s meaning realize?
I only asked My creation in it to believe
From grasping its meaning did I relieve

For, Every Love has an untold secret
And Miraj is the affair between Me and Beloved

May 17 2015 (Rajab 27 1436)