Your booty is not found with the wise alone
For, pearls maybe found on shores to you unknown

Dive when you can
Into our oceans too
Lie when you can
In love’s chamber too

‘Tis has been very long
Your face have we since seen
‘Tis has been very long
Your song have we since heard

Paint our hearts
Faint our senses
Flood our eyes
Raise our hairs
Soothe our pains
Let Truth be our gains

Share again the warmth of winter’s tears
Care again to unveil secret to summer’s cool

We the old-fashioned are used
To see your verses of HIM-fused
We are but a folk so few
Yet are your best friends true

O Jaihoon!
At times do flee your earthly nest
At times do exit your logical cave

July 31 2015