All that your folks did was expel
All that your foes could was kill

We bow our heads in shame
Fooling our souls with blame game

Their merchandise: bloody guns
Your caravan’s booty: loving pens

Murder, their ‘harmless’ hobby
Knowledge, your zealous mission

They sell sword for tears
You spread pens for smiles

Fleeing the clutches of the ferocious ‘Lion’
And the bestiality of the ‘Satanic State’

Angels salute your sagacious self
Saints celebrate your celestial trade

O Beirut’s Pen-Seller !

Albeit my hands restrained
My word and thought do I pledge
Bound I’m though to my couch
My heart is en route to Beirut

(Dedicated to Abdul Halim Attar, a Palestinian refugee from Yarmouk in Syria who sold pens on streets of Beirut while carrying his daughter Reem on his shoulders)