Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2016. Last updated Dec 31 2016

One of the worst sickness of present day Muslim world is gross group thinking mentality. No one would be more happy than Devil. #RIS2016

Another #Christmas has passed. And Jesus’ birthplace continue to b contaminated w Zionist bullets & barricades. Shame on our civilized world

Your skin, be it black or white, is not your license to attack or vile others. Collective blame game only suits the foolish mind. #RIS2016

No melt. No light

Claim of a Puritanical Islam is opposed to the very spirit of universal nature of Faith & ignorance its historicity. #miladworldwide

Neither the palatial mosque design nor the modes of worship in it are literally same now compared to day one of Islam. #miladworldwide

#Paparazzi outlets, read as media, would run out of business if celebrities only wed & never separated nor remarried later.

The greatest crime modernity has committed on children is to estrange children from nature in the name of school education

It doesn’t take as much effort to travel as it takes to return & then intellectually organise & compose its experiences. #TbilisiTales

Nature’s wrathful Attitude is proportional to Altitude of Man’s Arrogance. #pride #arrogance #disasters #draught

The rise of Race & Religious supremacists around globe only goes on to prove Anti Christ is inevitable.

Onlookers wonder at Art. Artist is one who is a wonder for Art itself.

Human #communication has tremendously multiplied, thanks to smart devices. But mutual suspicion & distrust have also sadly proliferated.

If our children ask what was Hitler like, we wouldn’t have an answer until the new US prez came into power. Now History is simple to explain

Is it S. India’s belief in gender equality that inspires male celebrities to model for female garments and gold products? #Advertising

Historians compose history. Leaders make them. Very few like Dr Sultan can achieve both together. #sharjah

Technology bloomed to a butterfly. Humanity remained at larva days. #technology

Don’t ever belittle stupidity. It can work miracles. #ElectionNight

Sometimes it’s worth reinventing the wheel. #Vision

Clay IS superior to Fire. It’s just that Iblis didn’t have the intelligence to realise it. #Jaihoon #quran #Adam #Satan

Passion and Sleep don’t make good lovers. #work #dedication #hobby

Proud be not of your obedient ego. For, you are able to respond only because HE called you. #namaz

ThankGod there is a Lord to thank. #Belief

#Democracy forces you to choose between the bad and the ugly. That’s about it. 🙄

The pleasure from Wealth should be greater or at least equal to the pain of managing it. #WealthManagement

Sportsmanship has nothing to do with watching sports on TV. Media unfortunately deludes you to think otherwise. #sports #workout #fitness

The Angel of Death once told me in a dream. ‘I understand not the logic of lovers who wait for the morrow to express their #Love’
Baffled at my state, the doorkeeper at wineshop enquired about my bewilderment. ‘Morn & evening I drown in her alluring eyes’, replied I.

Expecting joy, I reached out to the tree of Love. Instead my hand bled from the thorns of Pain and Tears. #Love

‘Love’ maybe just a ‘word’ for the Beloved. Alas, for the lover it is nothing short of a Death ‘Sentence’. #Love

Is Music the wine and Love it’s Cup? Who is the Idol and who the worshipper. Help me resolve, O Saqi?

Merchants lose sleep over their trade and kings over their empire. Why then is it hard to believe the state of sleepless lovers for beloved?

Life is a momentary Picnic. Don’t waste it in Panic, while it lasts. Juma Mubarak.

Beauty isn’t pixel deep

Note to self & other men: Be good to your wife while young, for, she’ll be the only one arnd while u r ready to quit

Arafa is over. But did the Ummah recognise the Obvious? #Hajj2016 #Hajj1437 #ArafatDay

Listening to Music is incomplete if the listener fails to visualise the Musician behind its melody. #God #Atheism

Wealth & Intelligence are entirely two different blessings. One, therefore, may not be a prerequisite for the other.

Science informs. Arts inspires. #arts #language #education

Rain resurrects Love. Monsoon, therefore, is the month of lovers. #Love

Love is the Queen. Forbearance her guards

Patience is to Love what shell is to a Pearl.

Love is the child. Patience it’s Mother. #Relationship

Prayers heal. Panic wounds. #EmiratesAirlines #EK521

Don’t try to save the world from the tyrants & lunatics. Instead save the world from your own tyranny & madness.

The wonder of Allah’s creation is not just its vastness. But also that it can be understood too.

Do a favor on the Lord who blessed you with an intellect: THINK!

It isn’t out of coincidence that Hubb, Love, sounds so alike Tibb, cure. #Love

Heart only counts of the little steps left to reach Beloved. Mind complains of the distance travelled so far.

It all starts with the curiosity of a Rose and then the story ends with falling into the honey trap of the entire Garden. #BecomingMuslim

The deaths & suffering of innocents in #Afganistan is not so much shocking as much as our civilised world’s heartless indifference to them.

Culture & Heritage has more or less fled any land where Communism has ever set foot. #USSR #CIS #Atheism

Knowledge is being taken captive as Information continues to colonise hearts. #Knowledge #Informationage

Attention all wife-beaters, gamblers and psychopaths. #ISIS is hiring. 😏 #NiceAttack #OrlandoShooting #ParisAttacks

Heartless #terrorists are curious how many hearts do world leaders have as their ‘heart goes’ out for every attack worldwide. #DhakaAttack 😏

Diversity is to Humanity what shadow is to light. One eternally chases the other.

There are dreams&realities in life which cannot be reduced to numbers.

It is intention which transforms the mundane to the divine. Action is the rose. Intention, its fragrance.

Human existence is coined by the head of Life and the tail of Death.

The content of today’s religious media is more theatrical than theological. #Ramadan2016

Religion has not seen a greater calamity than Religiotainment, i.e. entertaining the senses at the expense of soul

If Lord has exempted Children from His worship, then who are we to torture them with studies? #Ramadan #education”

An intellectual sin, perhaps, is more evil in the sight of Allah than with our hands or feet.

Ramadan is the conscious swim against the tide of our formulaic life

Gratitude should be fostered first on earth before it rises to the Heavens

Old habits may or may not die hard. But tech. habits live the longest.

If your performance has quality, it will add to the zeroes to the right side of your earnings. And vice versa.

You have not learned at all if you haven’t known Love at all.

Have you seen a dictionary? Every word has in it a specific meaning. Your life too is a dictionary & every day should have a meaning too

Islam’s simplicity is as beautiful as its sophistication.

Sincerity is to Action what Bow is to Arrow

Saints who haven’t experienced the trials of parenting have no right to talk about God’s compassion & mercy. #Parenting Sufis

Faith is about Spiritual Megawatt, not Decibels

Love is a form of energy. And Lovers recharge one another. #love

The biggest form of slavery is servitude to one’s own self.

TIME is as much difficult to Define as it is to Defy. #life

Gold & Silver may/may not win a woman’s heart for once/twice. But courtesy & kindness will help to keep winning at all times.

Quran is Creator’s Open Letter to Children of Adam. #Quran #humanity

Social Media is a dangerous medium to develop & sustain relationships. Especially those in its infancy. Nothing matches face2face talk!

Beauty. Dignity. Magnanimity. O Rasoolullah! The cosmos gained these scents from your fragrant hands. Sallallahualaihiwasallam

The strange case of human beings. Desperate for the cool rain. And when it does, desperate for hot coffee/tea to stay warm

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A safe house, a modestly sound health and survival sufficient diet will make you the millionaire for the day. – Jaihoon – posted on 04/03/2016 05:56:41

Salatul Fajr is the greatest insurance of a Believer. – JAIHOON – posted on 04/03/2016 05:56:39

Parents & Children are Eid for one another. #parenting – posted on 01/03/2016 17:17:24

History has proved time & again that Islam is extraordinarily good @ winning hearts of its worst heartless critics. Chill @realDonaldTrump ! – posted on 21/02/2016 20:44:54

Consider Life’s mission accomplished if we succeed in leaving our well wishers craving for our long life. #death – posted on 21/02/2016 20:38:30

#PatialaHouse. Head down for Indian judiciary – posted on 17/02/2016 15:08:17

Common people pay the price for common mistakes of their leaders. – posted on 13/02/2016 19:44:49

Mother’s love for children surpasses Angels’ devotion to Lord. #motherhood – posted on 12/02/2016 08:37:00

Women r synonyms of compassion & dedication. With 1/3 female representation in newly formed UAE cabinet, it surely means success upon success. – posted on 11/02/2016 10:55:15

Shyness is to Womanhood what Glitter is for Gold. #woman – posted on 05/02/2016 09:47:44

Those who complain about the high cost of marriages have no clue about the extravagant bills of getting divorced either. #divorce #marriage – posted on 30/01/2016 12:34:17

Militancy is a toxic waste which has to be disposed from the face of this earth. #terrorism – posted on 26/01/2016 09:55:26

Allah is most pleased with those Muslim communities in which its non-Muslim minorities are safe. #Jaihoon #Marrakesh2016 #tolerance – posted on 25/01/2016 21:45:45

Training without Willingness to Work is as good as a golden lock without a key. #corporateculture – posted on 25/01/2016 08:34:38

Gratitude transforms Home to Heaven on earth. #gratitude – posted on 23/01/2016 21:33:08

Pro & Anti Gun control issue in electoral debate shows exactly how much power the Arms industry wields in American politics. – posted on 18/01/2016 09:19:38

Patience the flower. Peace its nectar. #Quran – posted on 11/01/2016 12:17:28

Ask all that you can while in Love. Coz its CashBack! – posted on 10/01/2016

We all fear what will happen to our near and dear ones after Death. But rarely do we give a thought about our own fate after Death. – posted on 02/01/2016 20:46:06

Life is the cup. Death steal its wine. #Death – posted on 02/01/2016 20:43