One night in a dream
My soul began to roam

It passed by a lover about to die
As in his dear one’s lap did he lie

It was their last moment
Death upon him was imminent

Much did they have still to share
Alas! But the lover fell in death’s snare

It was the point of no return
No medicine was left to churn

The journey was all well set
Time would lend no more debt

Tears flowed down her cheek
She became dumb unable to shriek

As I approached them near
The lover’s talk I began to hear-

“Fear not, O my dear one.
Shall I tell you a thing?
For your pain to shun…

Recite for me the greetings of peace, (so that)
I repeat them on the Beloved named after ‘Praise’

I have heard that in return will come His rahm
When a believer sends a greeting of sallim

Let His blessings upon me begin to descend
That will be suffice from Azraeel’s fear to defend

I wish, o Lord, how sweet a wish-
As is water so dear to the little fish

My soul parts in joy while greeting the Beloved
So that when I rise, to approach him have I an excuse

Why then are you sad,
O light of my soul?
If love be for His sake,
Even death is for it a test small.

O friend. Whisper for me once again
Waste not your chance for my love gain

You can shed your human tears later too
But love has earthly moments but a few

I wonder how lovers have time to fight
Do they forget the moment of soul’s flight?

The thought of death,
The word of death,
The act of death…”

Ah! Just then I woke from the dream
I shivered with fear about to scream

Into the air I raised my hands in prayer
And begged Him for a similar desire.

March 28 2004. Inspired by a prayer.


Time would lend no more debt : Destiny would grant no more extra time when death arrives

Beloved named after ‘Praise’ : The literal meaning of Holy Prophet’s sallallahu alaihi wa sallam blessed name is Praised One

return will come His rahm : Allah blesses a person ten times when he greets Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam once.

Azraeel’ : the Angel of death

My soul parts: Death

when I rise: The afterlife